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Functional fitness on the farm

 I've moved my home gym to the farm It turns out that farm labouring laying trenches, shovelling, carrying, digging in, digging out, pushing, pulling, climbing, handling (sometimes wrestling) livestock, walking  can benefit from structured exercise routines. I enjoyed doing 100 reps of set exercises a day over the best part of a year.  But then when I had a go at set exercise programs I found that it improved my overall farm fitness functionality. I have a fitbit so I did their routines on my lovely gym mat for a couple of months Then I did strength training with Stronglifts 5 x 5 Now I'm mixing it up a bit with some isometric glute activation exercises, deadlifts, suspension pull-ups, push ups, crunches and short runs. I am of course getting ready for the June Push for better push-up challenge - you can click on my push-up challenge page for more on that.