Cool weather running

Hayfever season is well and truly over in Canberra so time to get outdoors for training. Running or walking or a combination of both is great exercise for heart & lung health and to manage your weight.

The next Women & Girls' Jogalong is on Sunday 5 May- 3km and 6km options - 9am start at Grevillia Park Lake Burley Griffin.
We're extremely lucky to have so many running groups in Canberra:
YMCA of Canberra Runners' Club They run a host of regular runs all around Canberra as well as the monthly Women & Girls' Jogalong and the annual Running Festival.
There are fees but these cover marshalls, time keepers, fresh fruit, tea & coffee
Ginninderra Park Run Every Saturday morning 8am start from John Knight's Park Lake Ginninderra. This is a 5km run and it's free but you have to register online first.
And of course lunch time runs,
Young woman running outdoors on a lovely sunny winter/fall day (motion blurred image) Stock Photo - 11940532
If you're starting out or resuming training after a long break (like me) take it easy and listen to your body. Start easy and relaxed and find a nice comfortable rhythm, as soon as you start to struggle ease off or stop and catch your breath, then resume again. Do as much as you're comfortable with for the first 10 sessions or so (whether you're walking or running every day or just a couple of times a week), then you can look at increasing either the intensity (harder/steeper/faster) or the time or the distance.