Keeping it real

Continuing SMART goal setting...
 R is for Realistic
 If you’ve followed the SMART goal setting steps so far your New Year’s resolutions will be a list of clearly defined goals and you know what you have to do to achieve these.

The question to ask yourself now is how Realistic your goals are.
Let’s use our example: Eat 2 portions of fruit a day. That’s realistic; it’s a small change, not terribly expensive and something you can incorporate into your normal day.
How about another popular New Year’s resolution: Exercise regularly, with the specific goal of walk half an hour every day.
Is that realistic? Every day? Will you walk if it’s raining, will you get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to fit your walk in.
Whatever your goals are, they need to be realistic.
So in the 4th column of your chart, note why your goals are realistic. If they’re not, then change them to make them realistic.
Here’s mine....see, I’ve even ticked each point.

So how are your New Year’s Resolutions looking so far? 
Now the only thing left to do is set some Timeframes...

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