New Year's Resolutions 2013

It’s 2013 and you’ve made your New Year’s Resolutions, but have you resolved last year’s resolutions? 

Think about the resolutions you achieved.
How do you feel about achieving them?
What was it about those resolutions that made them achievable?
How important were they to you? 

Think about the resolutions you didn’t achieve.
Were you
What was it about those resolutions that made them impossible to achieve?
How important were these resolutions to you?

My vibrams are testimony to the work I put in to more than achieve my 2012 resolution - run 5km in fingerfeet (as I call them). I ended up running 10km once a week with no injuries, that made me very very very happy :) 

I'm resolved over the resolution I didn't achieve: To motivate a certain person. We can only motivate ourselves so that was never going to happen.
Reflect on the past, consider, ponder, muse, then let it go. It’s now 2013 and time to get on with the New Year

This year I resolve to ...

At special occassions drink fine champagne which is sulfite free!
 Happy 2013!

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  1. Yep, agree on the FiveFinger runners. I need to get some decent ones as my old ones are getting worn. Brilliant invention for the runners/joggers/walkers out there! Not so good in cold climates... (who would run barefeet in winter...).