How to achieve this year's New Year's resolutions

So how are you going to keep your New Year’s resolutions?
Will it be enough to simply say ‘Do more exercise’ or ‘Quit smoking’ or ‘Lose 10kg’?
Did it work last year? If not, consider SMART goal setting.
I run through SMART goal setting with every PT client, and every month when I reassess my own goals.
The beauty of SMART is that it’s straightforward and effective and can be applied to all aspects of your life. The difficult part is working out what you actually want to achieve.
Let’s work through SMART letter by letter...(see my previous blog 'Get Motivated - Goal Setting 101' from June 2010)

SMART goal setting - S is for Specific

What specifically is your New Year’s resolution, or goal?
Let’s use one of the most common New Year’s resolutions as an example:
‘Eat healthy and exercise regularly’
Sound familiar? What does that mean specifically
What is eating healthy? What type of exercise? Does walking to the car to drive somewhere count?
How regular? Once a year or every hour?
Okay, now think about your resolution, have a good hard look at yourself in the (full-length) mirror, what do you want to achieve specifically?
Got it? Okay, now record it somewhere: Make a chart with 5 columns, the heading for the first column is ‘S’ for Smart; write down your goal/s being as specific as you can.
I do my SMART goal setting with pen and paper, here’s one I prepared earlier... 

Contact me if you'd like some help getting started. 

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