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A is for Achievable

Can you ach ieve your goals?   This is the third column of your SMART goal setting chart .  You know what you want, you know how to track your progress now consider if your goals are achievable.   What do you need to do or to have to achieve each of your goals?   Where? Do you need a particular place?   When? Can you make the time? How will you fit it into your busy schedule? Why? Maybe it’s something you’ve tried before and know how to do it better this time.   How is it achievable. Will you buddy up with someone, make a promise to yourself and someone else, get professional help?   To use our specific example Eat two portions of fruit and day, and keep a record Well, that should be easy...A glass of fresh squeezed juice once a day, or a snack of fruit in the morning and again in the afternoon sounds easy...   Record how you’re going to achieve your goal in your chart, here’s mine.  

SMART goal setting

M is for Measurable Continuing on from the last post... How will you know when you achieve your goal; will you have early warning if you’re on track or if you’ve fallen off the wagon? Each specific goal should be measurable. For example one of our specific goals towards ‘Eat Healthy’ may be: Eat two serves of fruit a day. That’s easy to measure. You either eat 2 serves of fruit a day or you don't; maybe you have less, maybe you have more. So keep a record. In your diary, on a chart, on an app; somewhere where you can see if you’re on track or not. This will keep you accountable. Once you’ve decided how you’re going to measure each of your specific goals record it in the second column of   your SMART goal setting, with ‘M’ (for measurable) as the column heading. Here’s mine...