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Tuesday evening running events starting 1 Feb 2011

If you haven't started training for the Canberra marathon in April this year then YMCA of Canberra Runners Club's Summer Series is a must for you!

Or if you'd just like to get more runs in and need some extra motivation then join in with the YMCA Runners' Club.

You can find more information on the Canberra Runner website - see my Useful Links on the right hand side.

If you can't or don't want to run why not help out at one of the events as a volunteer? If you're interested in volunteering email Dave at

Here's a list of the scheduled runs - start time is 6:15pm - you'll see that there's something for everyone :)
  • Tue 1 Feb Stromlo Forest Park 2km or 5km cross-country run Uriarra Rd
  • Tue 8 Feb Boathouse East 2km or 5km road run (Molonglo Reach) Menindee Dr Parkes Map 59 P13
  • Tue 15 Feb North Curtin 2km or 5km road & cross-country Dunstan St Curtin Map 68 D3
  • Tue 22Feb Barrenjoey Dr 2km or 5km gravel Off Lady Denman Dr Map 58 D7
  • Tue 1 Mar Weston Park 2km or 5km road & cross-country Weston Park Yarralumla Map 58 H8
  • Tue 8 Mar Acton Ferry Terminal 2km or 5km road Barrine Dr Acton Map 59 E5
  • Tue 15 Mar Lake Ginninderra 2km or 7.1km road run Macdermott Pl Belconnen Map 37 N10
  • Tue 22 Mar Stromlo Forest Park 2km or 5km cross-country Uriarra Rd Just off NW corner of Map 67
If you're in Belconnen at lunch times there's the run around Lake Ginninderra on the last Tuesday of every month - $2 entry, meet near The Lighthouse at 12:15pm for staggered starts.


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