When was your last medical check-up?

When you join a gym or start a personal training program you'll be asked when you had your last health check with your GP. Take this as a cue to go and get yourself checked over from top to toe if you don't already do this regularly.
You may even be assessed as moderate or high risk by your fitness professional - do not be alarmed. Again this is best seen as an opportunity to get a check up with your GP and get their input into your fitness program. I present as moderate risk and my GP has cleared me to do high intenstity training with no restrictions.

The benefits of having regular health checks are
  • building rapport with your GP (or finding a GP who you're happy with)
  • finding out what your cholesterol levels are (both the good fats and bad fats)
  • finding out if you're deplete in any vitamins or minerals (so you take only the supplements you need - no more self diagnosis/self medication)
  • checking for diabetes (often diagnosed years late)
  • checking for skin cancers
  • keeping tabs on your blood pressure (a good indication of your cardiovascular health)
  • early diagnosis of any underlying health problems
  • referrals to specialists and allied health professionals
  • access to subsidised professional services you wouldn't know of otherwise
  • fitness program health insurance claims

If you think about it your car gets regular servicing, pets get annual shots and check ups, gardens get tended, so why not you?


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