Saturday, November 13, 2010

Basic Resistance (weight) Training exercises

There are so many events going on at the moment I thought I'd get back to basics with RT - Resistance Training.

There are four good RT exercises that get all major muscle groups

1. The Dead Lift
2. The Squat
3. The Military Push Up
4. The Chin Up

Have a look at the link to my favourite exercise site under useful links for written and video instructions.

All these exercises require good technique which is the tricky part. Without good technique injuries will occur.

Good technique requires core strength (not just abs) and overall flexibility so these are the two areas to start with. Then it's a matter of practicing the technique - this is where it's a good idea to enlist the help of a coach, personal trainer, physiotherapist or exercise physiologist so that they can correct your technique and identify problem areas to do remedial work with.

For me - I love the squat but my tight glutes mean that my lower back rounds when I approach a full squat; and I am working on shoulder strength for chin ups. My deadlift and push ups are good so I'm progressing the deadlift to power lift and am working on building up muscle in my pecs and tris for the push ups :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


People are awesome - some truly amazing athletic and acrobatic stunts!

I'm taking the time at the moment to refocus on my fitness goals - I'm out of action with some virus so no exercises for me for another week at least - and like to draw inspiration from people like those in the people are awesome U-Tube clip (thanks Coach for sending me the link).

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