Goal Setting 103

You've set your SMART goals (see blog on Goal Setting 101) and are motivated and keen to get going but it's hard to find the time.

The ART (remember Achievable, Realistic and Timeframe in SMART) of making time to work towards achieving your goal is to stop spending time on those things that stop you reaching your goal.

Think about the balance in your life - there are 24 hours in every day:

  • 8 hours for sleeping (allowing your body to rest, recover and release those fat-burning hormones)
  • 8 hours for working (include both paid and unpaid work)
  • 8 hours for enjoyment (that's heaps of time!)

Easy huh? How's the balance in your life?

So, my goal to achieve the NSW Bike Commute Challenge of 500km by 17 December is going well, I am still sitting on needing to ride an average of 3km a day (yes, I know some of you ride 500 km in a month easy!). I only need to ride my bike to work and back three times a week, it's a nice cruisy 15 minute ride that works great as a warm up for my gym program before work and as a good wind-down from my work day so I arrive home relaxed and happy.

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