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Le Tour & Fair Weather Cycling

Le Tour de France is always motivating:

Wouldn't it be great to have the fitness to be able to ride for four hours a day for a month or so, or to enjoy cycling in the rain...

Of course it's preferable to cycle on a beautiful warm sunny day but we won't have any of those here in Canberra for quite a few months so invest in a good quality rain jacket and lights for your bike and find a safe cycle path route to ride on.

Pedal Power continue their social bike rides - this weekend there are relatively easy rides leaving from Acton Ferry Terminal at 9am on both Saturday and Sunday (I'm hoping to make the Sunday ride) - check out their web events calendar for details -

And remember to register for the NSW Bicycle Commuter Challenge - it's free! - goal is to rack up 500km of bike rides by 17 December 2010
I started yesterday and have racked up 3km - 497 to go which is only 3km a day.

Need more motivation that Le Tour and the Challenge? What about preparing for upcoming cycle events like Rotary Spring Cycle (September), Fitz's Challenge (October), Tour de Femme (November)? I'll post links for these and other upcoming cycle events closer to the date - if you want to find out more earlier email me or give me a call.

Of course if road cycling isn't your thing CORC have some social mountain bike rides, courses and events coming up - check out their website

Happy cycling :)


  1. Come on Tiina - the Commuter Challenge - for the hard men at immi - that's only 2 weeks of commuting.

    I'm expecting a lot more from you - surely you can reach 500km in a couple of weeks :)

    John :)


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