Saturday, May 15, 2010

Motivation Tips

Need Motivation?
Now is a great time of year in Canberra to be getting outdoors and enjoying the scenery. This is the view at the half way mark on my 10km run:

The run back home is nice too, I get to pass the vineyards again...
We are hugely lucky in Canberra to have lots of parks, green and open spaces close to our homes - so get outdoors and explore!

How about some Inspiration?
Living a fit and healthy lifestyle just to survive? With less than 50% lung capacity my friend Walter walks, runs, cycles or kayaks every day and does his best to get a big dose of adrenalin whenever he can to manage his Cystic Fibrosis. So where's Wally now? In training to climb a mountain in Borneo!

Walter is Running with the Hash House Harriers while he is in Port Moresby -Papua New Guinea- visiting friends. He took this photo, and the runner is not Walter...

Walter's doing this to have fun, promote Organ Donation, to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania  and to give inspiration to people with CF and other disabilities. Walter moved to Tasmania from Canberra because the clean fresh sea-air is so much better for his lungs.To receive a postcard from Borneo donate <here>!

Take up a challenge!
Bicyle NSW invites invites individuals to register in the 2010 Commuter Challenge and accumulate 500km of cycling - registration is FREE! and you have until 17 December to get there; that's less than 100km a month from now, too easy!

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