Bike maintenance courses Sunday 30 May 2010

OH NO! The intermediate course postponed till August. Until then we'll have to keep using our friendly bike mechanics at our favourite bike shops...

A reminder that Pedal Power's Beginners and Intermediate bike maintenance courses are on Sunday 30 May.
Details on their events calendar.
These are really fun and useful courses if you ever get out on a bike - the beginners 1 course gets you confident in changing flat tyres on both front and back wheels, beginners 2 course gets you doing diagnostics on your bike including fine tuning gears and brakes and I'm really looking forward to the intermediate course where we'll really get our hands dirty!
And remember to register for Bike NSW's commuter challenge - it's free! -

Clock up 500km by 17 December 2010 by riding anywhere and everywhere (not just commuting). I'll be starting my challenge this Tuesday with my 4km commute to work.

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  1. My bike's gear cable broke on Friday... I was near my favourite bike shop and dropped it off for a professional fix! Nothing worse than poorly adjusted gears. Fortunately I still got running shoes and another bike to see me through the weekend!