Post Holiday Fitness

Okay, so who put on a couple of centimetres around their waist over the holiday season?
There's really no excuse - along with all the good food and a little indulgence there would have been plenty of fun and rest to be had as well - your weight, more importantly your girth measurements, should have stayed the same.
Sound weight management: Eating right; getting at least 5 hours of deep solid sleep in one hit and; a variety of physical activity.
Following those three simple principles will keep your weight constant - no sudden gains or sudden losses - even when there are feasts and celebrations to enjoy.
What did I do? Of course I overindulged with some wonderful feasting on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, I also caught a fish (which became part of the Christmas feast), bathed in warm tropical waters, snorkelled, did a reef walk, went to a few parties (drank lots of water), did a 4km run, stretched every and did a bit of resistance training (just 10 minutes of push ups, pull ups and bicycle crunches).

New YMCA of Canberra Running Club

News that the YMCA of Canberra Runners Club is ‘up and running’.
"The new club has been formed to encourage and promote cross-country and road running into the future.
From January 2011, it will conduct cross country, road running, jogalong and training events for Canberra's distance running community. The program of events will be similar to that offered until December 2010 by the ACT Cross Country Club. Event details will appear as soon as possible on the Canberra Runner website, now owned by the YMCA of Canberra Runners Club. News items on the website already contain information about the new club."

Cardio-Vascular (aerobic) Training

A couple of posts ago was about getting back to basics with weight training. Now I'd like to get back to basics with CV (aerobic) Training.
CV Training is about getting your heart (cardio) and circulatory (vascular) systems working efficiently; it's any activity that involves big muscle groups working rhythmically in a continuous effort. Walking, cycling and swimming are great CV exercises that are easy on the joints and which are accessible to most people. Other exercises that fit the bill are jogging, running, rowing, kayaking, skipping, walking/running up and down stairs...
I think the best CV activity at this time of year is shopping. The other day I found myself carrying a bag of groceries in each hand walking from one end of the Canberra Centre to the other and it occurred to me that this is what the gym exercise 'farmer's walk' replicates. If you are buying gifts try to load up your bags evenly and be mindful of your posture as you carry your bags from store to store. There's a natural warm up as you start with no bags and load up as you move from one shop to another. The cool down is unloading the shopping and putting your feet up!

To increase your CV fitness you need to do more than you're doing now. A small increment can have big effects. Some examples:
  • Just starting out, rather sedentary and working in an office - look at incidental exercises like taking the stairs instead of the lift, taking a 10 minute walk during your lunch break.
  • A little active - build up to 30 minutes every day. Easy if you have a dog or can walk to your local shops.
  • Reasonably active - make sure you do one 30 minute session a week at a higher intensity than your regular activity.
  • Very fit and active - the fitter you get the harder you have to work to not only get fitter but also to maintain your fitness. Events are a great way to shake up routines and to focus your training regime - fun runs, cycling events, sports, triathlons...
Listen to your heart and your breathing and adjust the level of intensity for the duration of your session and to your individual health concerns.

When was your last medical check-up?

When you join a gym or start a personal training program you'll be asked when you had your last health check with your GP. Take this as a cue to go and get yourself checked over from top to toe if you don't already do this regularly.
You may even be assessed as moderate or high risk by your fitness professional - do not be alarmed. Again this is best seen as an opportunity to get a check up with your GP and get their input into your fitness program. I present as moderate risk and my GP has cleared me to do high intenstity training with no restrictions.

The benefits of having regular health checks are
  • building rapport with your GP (or finding a GP who you're happy with)
  • finding out what your cholesterol levels are (both the good fats and bad fats)
  • finding out if you're deplete in any vitamins or minerals (so you take only the supplements you need - no more self diagnosis/self medication)
  • checking for diabetes (often diagnosed years late)
  • checking for skin cancers
  • keeping tabs on your blood pressure (a good indication of your cardiovascular health)
  • early diagnosis of any underlying health problems
  • referrals to specialists and allied health professionals
  • access to subsidised professional services you wouldn't know of otherwise
  • fitness program health insurance claims

If you think about it your car gets regular servicing, pets get annual shots and check ups, gardens get tended, so why not you?

Basic Resistance (weight) Training exercises

There are so many events going on at the moment I thought I'd get back to basics with RT - Resistance Training.

There are four good RT exercises that get all major muscle groups

1. The Dead Lift
2. The Squat
3. The Military Push Up
4. The Chin Up

Have a look at the link to my favourite exercise site under useful links for written and video instructions.

All these exercises require good technique which is the tricky part. Without good technique injuries will occur.

Good technique requires core strength (not just abs) and overall flexibility so these are the two areas to start with. Then it's a matter of practicing the technique - this is where it's a good idea to enlist the help of a coach, personal trainer, physiotherapist or exercise physiologist so that they can correct your technique and identify problem areas to do remedial work with.

For me - I love the squat but my tight glutes mean that my lower back rounds when I approach a full squat; and I am working on shoulder strength for chin ups. My deadlift and push ups are good so I'm progressing the deadlift to power lift and am working on building up muscle in my pecs and tris for the push ups :)


People are awesome - some truly amazing athletic and acrobatic stunts!

I'm taking the time at the moment to refocus on my fitness goals - I'm out of action with some virus so no exercises for me for another week at least - and like to draw inspiration from people like those in the people are awesome U-Tube clip (thanks Coach for sending me the link).

Rest Days

You're well into your training and even been in a couple of events, you're applying the FITT principle (refer to earlier blog) are managing any niggles from old injuries and getting professional treatment for any new injuries.

So, all going well you're enjoying your rest days.

So what are you doing on rest days?
  • getting a massage
  • going for a gentle walk or a mellow bike ride
  • stretching
  • tai chi
  • yoga

Light physical activity on rest days helps you recover from your training days.

If you're training for the marathon (Canberra marathon is only 6 months away!) try an hour walk or bike ride or even some laps at the pool at this early stage of your training.

If cycling's your thing then a light jog or brisk half hour walk will help balance your leg muscles and help stretch out your hip flexors.

Doing some intense circuits or heavy weight training get some flexibility in with stretching or something like tai chi or yoga.

If your exercise regime is varied and light you don't need a rest day at all so increase the intensity of one or two sessions.
Here's a link to some simple stretches you can do anywhere, even at the office.

Ride to Work Day Wednesday 13 October & magpie alert

We had walk to work day a couple of weeks ago and coming up this Wednesday (13 Oct) is Ride to Work Day. Click on the link for more info.

The community breakfast in Canberra is at Glebe Park so make sure you drop in for your free breakfast on your way to work.

Watch out for the magpies (not all of them swoop, but there are a few pesky ones about) they're defending their nest so my tactic is to put my head down and pedal as fast as I can to get away. I met a particularly persistant one on the Barton Highway on the way to Yass a month ago; I think he must have bruised his wing because he hit my helmet at pretty high force on his second attack! And there was a rather angry one yesterday on the bike path around Lake BG just past Acton Ferry Terminal towards ANU having a go at everyone who rode by.
Luckily I met a lot of nice magpies in the O'Connor ridge bushland. It's quite wonderful when they fly alongside as you ride along.


Here's something to help get motivated: National Walk to Work Day is this Friday October 1 - click on the link to find out more and get some tips on how to walk to work if you think you live too far away.
I've pledged to put my feet first so let me know if you'd like a walking buddy :)
There's also the Women's and Girls' Jogalong this Sunday (being the first Sunday of the month) at beautiful Weston Park in Yarralumla - 8.45am for aerobics warm up then staggered starts from 9am (3km walkers start first). I missed last month but hope to make it there this time!
Floriade is also a wonderful event to spend a lot of time walking enjoying Canberra spring time. It's on until Sunday October 10.

Curb your enthusiasm - just a little bit...

It's great to see more people out and about being active due to the warmer, well sunnier, weather. At my local playing fields kite flying is popular at the moment, the cricket nets are always busy and there are families and groups of friends kicking footballs around, people walking and others jogging.

If you have been sedantary during winter be careful not to go too hard too fast too soon- Sports Medicine Australia have a good article up on their website 'Spring into Exercise Safely' check it out (click on the link). Generally it's a good idea in the first couple of weeks to ease into your new activity and allow a full recovery day between each session to allow time for your body to adapt. All going well you can then apply the FITT principle:

Frequency - increase the number of sessions OR
Intensity - increase the level of effort (eg. walk to walk-jog, increase weight lifted) OR
Time - increase the amount of time for each session or increase the number of sets OR
Type - change the exercise (eg. pinned machines to free weights, jogging on the flat to jogging on hills)

To keep your training interesting and challenging apply the FITT principle every two weeks.

Fun Run for Brain Tumour Awareness – 6th November 2010

Train for the Brain and help find a cure for brain cancer.

Join in for a 5km or 10km walk or run to help raise awareness about brain tumours and to raise funds for the Cure for Life Foundation.

The event starts at 10am 6 November at Commonwealth Park.

Exercise Footwear

If you play a sport you already know that you need the right footwear for the job.

  • Don't wear your running shoes for anything but running - you don't want to destroy the special absorption soles any quicker than they do from normal use: six months if you run regularly; three months if you run a lot.
  • If you do lots of cross training (like outdoor circuits or boot camp) in a single session get some cross training shoes.
  • If you do dedicated weight sessions go old school and go barefoot if your gym will let you, or get some shoes with good grip on the soles (old runners, happy shoes or actual weight training shoes) and if you need it, ankle support
  • Boxing fitness training it's good to have ankle support for fancy footwork moves
  • Flexibility, posture, yoga, gymnastics and acrobatic training are all good to do in bare feet - again only if your gym allows it, otherwise something like happy shoes or sneakers will do the job
  • Serious cyclists use toe-clip shoes, less serious cyclists have cages on their pedals. If you've got cages on your pedals watch out that your shoe laces don't get caught in the cage - I've had both feet get caught which made for a very amusing horizontal dismount! I now cycle in my Baxter boots which also keep my toes nice and warm in cold or rainy weather.
  • Hiking and walking need sturdier shoes, don't be tempted to wear your old runners

My fave training shoes are my converse hi-tops. The laces are flat so they don't get caught in my pedal cages, they've got grippy rubber soles good for weight training, they're flexible enough for stretching in and I can wear them as regular shoes too - and they weren't expensive like my runners!

Photo (left to right): bare feet, old runners, high top sneakers, good runners, Baxter boots, hiking boots; and at the back fins for pool work.


Spring is here and it's time when a lot of people start to get outdoors and get active. There's heaps of charity events and programs starting up now too -

Canberra Dragon Boat Association have open days on Saturday 4 and 11 September - have a look, have a go.

The Angry Doctor mountain bike 50km or 100km of single track riding through Mogo. Coming up quick - 4th & 5th of September

Canberra Times Fun Run - 12 September - 5km Family Walk or 10km Run

Canberra Cycling Club - novice program (10 weeks) starts 13 September - if you want to get into club racing

Canberra Off Road Cycling Club - annual Women's Skills Camp 24-26 September (Amanda from Black Heart Events did this course and now she's unstoppable!)

Sri Chinmoy have a series of races

3 October is the Googong Challenge (run, kayak, mountain bike and run, shorter and longer course options)

4 October is the Labour Day 4km and 10km fun runs - these along the bike path from Acton Ferry Terminal along Lake Burley Griffin (out and back).

30 & 31 October - Triathlon Festival - Joyathon is great if you want to have a go at Triathlon and then there's Sprint Tri, Classic Tri and the Peace Tri.

Rotary Spring Cycle - 10 October - choose from a Family Fun Tour 22km around Lake Burley Griffin to 5 Peaks 100km and cycle up all 5 big hills in Canberra. Last year me and Coach Dave did the Lake and Rural with Mt Pleasant thrown in (54km), particularly memorable was riding through Weston Creek against a headwind of sleeting rain - the Devonshire tea stop at GG's went down a treat! This is a great training ride leading up to Fitz's Challenge!

Dragons Abreast Corporate Challenge - 23 October - fundraiser for local and national breast cancer organisations. This is a great way to have a go at dragonboating and find out if it's for you.

Fitz's Challenge - 31 October - choose hill climbs ranging from 50km to 207km - fundraiser for the Oncology Children's Foundation

And now's a good time to go skiing or cross country skiing or try out other snow activities like snowshoeing for example...

So get into training!
1. build up your cardio-vascular (CV) fitness
2. work on any muscular imbalances to prevent injuries and strains
3. do practice runs (or rides) using shorter distances leading up to the event

For others like me who suffer from hayfever it's time to get indoors into the gym and the pool.
Yes, I've spent all winter outdoors working on my CV fitness and shedding fat with only a couple of sessions a week on strength training. With Spring and Summer coming my focus will be on hypertrophy (muscle gain) and getting back into the pool. If you're like me & need to get indoors you can join Kata Professional social gym club at CISAC (includes the pool and spa and sauna) for only $50 a month (plus joining fee I think) - contact Trineti at for how to join.

Goal Setting 103

You've set your SMART goals (see blog on Goal Setting 101) and are motivated and keen to get going but it's hard to find the time.

The ART (remember Achievable, Realistic and Timeframe in SMART) of making time to work towards achieving your goal is to stop spending time on those things that stop you reaching your goal.

Think about the balance in your life - there are 24 hours in every day:

  • 8 hours for sleeping (allowing your body to rest, recover and release those fat-burning hormones)
  • 8 hours for working (include both paid and unpaid work)
  • 8 hours for enjoyment (that's heaps of time!)

Easy huh? How's the balance in your life?

So, my goal to achieve the NSW Bike Commute Challenge of 500km by 17 December is going well, I am still sitting on needing to ride an average of 3km a day (yes, I know some of you ride 500 km in a month easy!). I only need to ride my bike to work and back three times a week, it's a nice cruisy 15 minute ride that works great as a warm up for my gym program before work and as a good wind-down from my work day so I arrive home relaxed and happy.

Personal Training at CIT Fit and Well

I'm now offering personal training at CIT Fit and Well - see 'useful links' on the right hand side of my blog - it's a great space to train and there's also the option to be trained by one of the fitness students (who are under supervision by gym and teaching staff).

You'll see my personal training flyers and business cards there so go and check it out and give me a call if you're interested in training with me.

I'm still doing personal training outdoors and at DIAC gym (lower overheads so the fees aren't as high as at CIT) if you prefer either of those options.

Women's and Girls' Jogalong on the first Sunday of every month!

That will be this Sunday 1 August - come along to Weston Park in Yarralumla and join in the fun at the Women's and Girls' Jogalong.

Get there at 8.30am to have time to register (cost is about $6 ) and so you don't miss out on the very fun warm up aerobics at 8.45am. Staggered starts start at 9am, usually it's the 3km walk followed by the kids' mini-jog and then the 6km runs start around 9.30am.

Weather permitting I will be there with my Mum and my friend's mum to enjoy the 3km walk.
The event is organised by the Canberra Cross Country Club

The club runs regular running events that are open to members and non-members alike - just check their website in the link above for events.

Cool Running Australia keep an up-to-date list of running events, including this weekend's (Saturday 31 July) Bush Capital Bush Marathon.

Goal Setting 102

Here's a photo of my Mum who turns 80 next year hiking in the Lapland wilderness last month. Mum's at home exercise program is a daily physio program which she does about 3-4 times a week (she admits to being lazy), a half hour walk every couple of days and the monthly 3km walk with me at the Women and Girls jogalongs.
See how a simple fitness program can be hugely effective - when your program aligns to your goal?
So, having set your SMART goals (refer to earlier blog 'goal setting 101') you are motivated to go ahead and realise those goals.
Of course a little guidance helps, like the red trail post in the picture, to get you going in the right direction. I'm lucky to have Coach Dave to remind me that if I want to be able to do a 10km run I need to get out there and run for 10 kms! Coaches, Mentors and yes, Personal Trainers can all help you, but remember that they are your goals.

Le Tour & Fair Weather Cycling

Le Tour de France is always motivating:

Wouldn't it be great to have the fitness to be able to ride for four hours a day for a month or so, or to enjoy cycling in the rain...

Of course it's preferable to cycle on a beautiful warm sunny day but we won't have any of those here in Canberra for quite a few months so invest in a good quality rain jacket and lights for your bike and find a safe cycle path route to ride on.

Pedal Power continue their social bike rides - this weekend there are relatively easy rides leaving from Acton Ferry Terminal at 9am on both Saturday and Sunday (I'm hoping to make the Sunday ride) - check out their web events calendar for details -

And remember to register for the NSW Bicycle Commuter Challenge - it's free! - goal is to rack up 500km of bike rides by 17 December 2010
I started yesterday and have racked up 3km - 497 to go which is only 3km a day.

Need more motivation that Le Tour and the Challenge? What about preparing for upcoming cycle events like Rotary Spring Cycle (September), Fitz's Challenge (October), Tour de Femme (November)? I'll post links for these and other upcoming cycle events closer to the date - if you want to find out more earlier email me or give me a call.

Of course if road cycling isn't your thing CORC have some social mountain bike rides, courses and events coming up - check out their website

Happy cycling :)

Get Motivated - Goal Setting 101

Canada Fun Run is coming up this weekend - Sunday 20 June - scroll down for last post for more info about this one.

NSW bike challenge - are you logging all your bike rides? See earlier blog for this one too.

Couch Potato? - who can help it when the World Cup Soccer is on!

Be SMART in your goal setting.
Think about your priorities, what do you really want to achieve in life? Be Specific.
How do you know that you're heading in the right direction? How will you Measure your progress?
Can you really Achieve it? If it seems impossible consider the steps you need to make it possible.
Really? Is it a realistic goal?
When are you going to achieve your goals? Set a Timeframe.

Fun Run and Flapjacks - with Maple Syrup!

Click on entry form for large image!

When? Sunday 20 June.
Where? Start at the Canadian High Commission
Why? To raise money for cancer research
The Canadian's are hosting their annual fun run again - 5km or 10km options.
I have yet to make it to one of the events but I have heard that there is no shortage of maple syrup to help the recovery process after the run!

Online registration at

Battle of the Badges 24 hour treadmill challenge!

Anyone who walked through Garema Place between 2pm last Friday and 2pm Saturday would have seen the Battle of the Badges - Firies v's Cops - in a 24 hour treadmill challenge.

The Coppers won - beating the Firies by 30km having pushed through to get a total of around 280km - they ran an average pace of 5km minutes (or 12km/hr) over the 24 hours! How did they do it? Teams of four ran 2-5 hour blocks with 5 mins on and 5 mins off. How did they do that? They train hard and often!

Women and Girls Jogalong

Women and Girls Jogalong is on the first Sunday of every month - next one is this Sunday 6 June.

3km walk or jog or 6km jog in beautiful Weston Park, Yarralumla. Staggered starts for the 6km run based on your running pace, which is great because you can pace yourself against others in your group.

Get there at 8.30am to register ($6 entry) and be in time for the warm up aerobics at 8.45am. The 3km course starts at 9am. Fruit, tea, coffee and biscuits at the end as well as some lucky prize draws.

This event is run by the Canberra Cross Country Club.Check their events page for other running events - and if you go to the home page you'll see that they have some Canberra Road Running Festival running shirts for sale!

Kefir in Canberra

Home made kefir

You can now buy Kefir in Canberra - no need to make it yourself anymore - Kefir is a cultured milk drink (kind of like yoghurt, a bit like buttermilk, but arguably much better for you) which you can get all through Europe and until now I've never seen it for sale here.

The Belconnen Delicatessen at Belconnen Markets have it in stock. It's produced by Blue Bay Cheese in Victoria and is simply milk, ABC probiotic cultures and kefir culture. Good and wholesome - I add a little warmed honey to my kefir and have it just like that or add it to my home-made muesli.

Tiina's home made muesli recipe (for one person for 10 days)

Mix together:
  • 2 cups rolled oats
  • 1 cup dried fruit (preservative free preferably. Goji berries, turkish figs, dates, cranberries and sultanas are usually all preservative free) - chopped in large pieces
  • 1 cup unsalted raw nuts (any nuts you like and any combination), break large nuts by wrapping them in a tea towel and hitting them with a rolling pin.
  • 1 cup seeds

Store in an airtight container.

Portion size is half a cup a day. I'll have 1/4 cup with a tablespoon of kefir or plain yogurt half an hour before morning exercise then another 1/4 cup after exercise.

The muesli pictured above has barley flakes as well as oats (if you're on heart medication check with your GP about eating oats), goji berries, cranberries, almonds, linseed meal, pepitas and sunflower seeds. I never make it the same twice!

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Bike maintenance courses Sunday 30 May 2010

OH NO! The intermediate course postponed till August. Until then we'll have to keep using our friendly bike mechanics at our favourite bike shops...

A reminder that Pedal Power's Beginners and Intermediate bike maintenance courses are on Sunday 30 May.
Details on their events calendar.
These are really fun and useful courses if you ever get out on a bike - the beginners 1 course gets you confident in changing flat tyres on both front and back wheels, beginners 2 course gets you doing diagnostics on your bike including fine tuning gears and brakes and I'm really looking forward to the intermediate course where we'll really get our hands dirty!
And remember to register for Bike NSW's commuter challenge - it's free! -

Clock up 500km by 17 December 2010 by riding anywhere and everywhere (not just commuting). I'll be starting my challenge this Tuesday with my 4km commute to work.

The Mediterranean Diet

On Tuesday June 1 have lunch with a lecturer as part of the University of Canberra Tasty Ideas Occasional Lecture Series. See poster above (click on it to see a bigger version).

Catherine Itsiopoulos, associate professor of nutrition and dietetics and creator of the ‘10 Commandments of Mediterranean Eating’, will explain the Mediterranean diet and reveal her latest research.

The lecture will be accompanied by a delicious three course lunch reflecting the principles of the Mediterranean diet.


Motivation Tips

Need Motivation?
Now is a great time of year in Canberra to be getting outdoors and enjoying the scenery. This is the view at the half way mark on my 10km run:

The run back home is nice too, I get to pass the vineyards again...
We are hugely lucky in Canberra to have lots of parks, green and open spaces close to our homes - so get outdoors and explore!

How about some Inspiration?
Living a fit and healthy lifestyle just to survive? With less than 50% lung capacity my friend Walter walks, runs, cycles or kayaks every day and does his best to get a big dose of adrenalin whenever he can to manage his Cystic Fibrosis. So where's Wally now? In training to climb a mountain in Borneo!

Walter is Running with the Hash House Harriers while he is in Port Moresby -Papua New Guinea- visiting friends. He took this photo, and the runner is not Walter...

Walter's doing this to have fun, promote Organ Donation, to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania  and to give inspiration to people with CF and other disabilities. Walter moved to Tasmania from Canberra because the clean fresh sea-air is so much better for his lungs.To receive a postcard from Borneo donate <here>!

Take up a challenge!
Bicyle NSW invites invites individuals to register in the 2010 Commuter Challenge and accumulate 500km of cycling - registration is FREE! and you have until 17 December to get there; that's less than 100km a month from now, too easy!

Try a little Salsa & Million Paws Walk

Ever wanted to learn the Salsa?

There are free beginners Salsa lessons at King O'Malley's in Civic on Monday nights 6-6.30pm.
If you like it then why not pay $12 for a good 45 minute lesson from 6.30pm and stay on for a social salsa?
And once you've got the hang of it you can simply turn up for a social salsa dance at 7.15pm and pay only $7!
(No classes on public holidays)

Million Paws Walk - 11am Sunday 16 May 2010
The beautiful Lake BG two bridges walk, starting at Stage 88 in Commonwealth Park - and other beautiful venues around the country. A wonderful opportunity for lots of socialising for all well behaved four-legged and two-legged people! Proceeds go to RSPCA.

Bike! Ski!

Go to the Pedal Power events calendar to see what's on -
There are social (road) rides every weekend:

  • 8 May from Gunghalin
  • 15 May from Acton
  • 22 May from Woden
  • 29 May CAPITAL PUNISHMENT (see below)
Sundays include a couple of come and try easy rides
  • 16 May from Lake Ginninderra
  • 30 May from Tuggeranong. 
And the bike maintenance courses on Sunday 30 May - bring an old crusty bike or ride in. I'll be riding in for the intermediate course.

For the adventurous - Capital Punishment endurance mountain bike 50km and 100km rides Saturday 29 May 2010: The Capital Punishment course will take in the best of the Canberra single tracks including Sparrow Hill, Kowen Forest, Majura Pines, Black Mountain and Mt Stromlo. These famous single tracks will be linked via fire trails with only the minimum necessary bitumen.
Check out Canberra Off Road Cyclists and for more crazy stuff. I'll be riding in from Belconnen to the Mothers' Day Classic on Sunday 9 May (and doing the 5km walk) unless I think up a really good excuse not to...

The snow season is just around the corner - snow's been predicted on the ranges around Canberra so we may get some snow to ski on this year!

Time to get fit to ski!

  1. Work on your base level cardio-vascular (aerobic) fitness.Whatever you're doing now, add another walk/run/bike/swim/ session into your week. Don't have time? Yeah, right... call me.. 
  2. Once you've got your base fitness it's time to work on specifics.
Okay, I'm not a skier but I have tried

  • Cross-country skiing - ankles and knees
  • Downhill - ankles and knees
  • Snowboarding - ankles and knees
  • Cross-country skiing is my type of skiing :)
This calls for my favourite exercise of all time - the SQUAT:
A simple exercise every 2 year old can do with ease and which we all too quickly get out of practice.
You won't be able to do a full squat (bottom to the ground) like this unless you have good flexibility and strength in your ankles, knees and hips and have strong abdominals, back and pelvic floor - so start with squatting, with no other weight than your wonderful self, in to and out of your chair.
Performed correctly nothing should hurt, twinge or ache. Maybe the front of your thighs will feel sore after a day or two but that should be it.

Lunchtime Public Forum: 'active transport' in the ACT - Wed. 12 May

'Active transport' means physically active travelling. In particular, it
refers to walking and cycling. When more people travel by active transport,
a city becomes healthier, more vibrant, as well as more economically and
environmentally sustainable.

To RSVP for the forum, provide feedback on the Active Transport paper, or
to find out more, email:

A quick question - do you live within 5km of your work place and drive to work? Just something to think about...

Events in May for runners and walkers

The first weekend in May will be fantastic - there's

The Canberra Road Running Festival (note the underlined text is a link, press on it to go to the relevant website) first up, including a runners EXPO on Saturday and Sunday. If you're around Lake BG in the morning be sure to cheer the marathoners on. I'll be helping out at the finish line.

The National Heart Foundation are having a Heart Week Walk on Sunday 2nd May from 9am. Meet at the Carillon for the two bridges walk at Lake Burley Griffin - should be a good vantage point to watch the marathon. The Heart Foundation run walking groups all over the country, you can join one or start your own walking group :)

Later in the month there's

The Mothers Day Classic on Sunday 9 May - 5km or 10km options. Online registrations close soon. Again, around the lovely Lake BG in Canberra:

An alternative on Sunday 9 May is a multi-sport event - Pedal, paddle 'n puff  aka Sri Chinmoy run-paddle-mountain bike-run. Go in a team of 2 or 3 people or go solo. 

The ABS Fun Run / Castles Shield challenge at lunch time (12.30pm start) on Wednesday 19 May. 7.3km run or 6.2km walk on the bike path around Lake Ginninderra.
There is fierce competition between ABS and DIAC for the Castles Shield!

A good website for running events is Cool Running - heaps of info on upcoming events, training, links to some crazy runners...

Stress Down Day Friday 23 July

Gosh, with so much going on like the Canberra Road Running Festival, Mother's Day Classic, Fitz's Challenge, Capital Punishment 50km/100km mountain bike, Salsa dancing to try out, Zumba, the ski season just around the corner and everything else sometimes it's time to just STOP!
Lifeline's annual Stress Down Day is on Friday 23 July 2010
I highly recommend purchasing the slippers - yes, I do own a pair :)
So why not get your work place to register and support Lifeline and stress down on Friday 23 July.
Ahhh... don't you feel better already?

Bicycle Maintenance & upcoming running events

Pedal Power Bike Maintenance Courses
The next beginner's course is 10am-2pm Sunday 30 May and you will learn how to remove your rear and front wheels and fix your punctures, right now mostly caused by those horrible thorns...

...that are responsible for multiple tyre punctures - and which get stuck in your dog's paws -
that come from the noxious weed Tribulus terrestris commonly known as puncture weed.

I'll be at the Bike Maintenance Intermediate course, having thoroughly enjoyed Beginners I & II :)
With the Anzac Day weekend, Canberra Road Running Festival and the ABS Fun Run (aka Castles Shield) all coming up I won't ask if anyone's up for Fitz's challenge right now... will keep you posted!

ABS Fun Run? Either 7.3km run or a 6km walk on Wednesday lunchtime 19 May 2010 around Lake Ginninderra - A reminder that the ABS run lunch time Lake Ginninderra handicap on the last Tuesday of every month (That'll be Tuesday 27 April) which is a great training opportunity for anyone who can make it. Staggered starts according to your run pace with slowest runners starting at 12.10pm for everyone to finish at 1pm. Gold coin donation to enter (proceeds go to Cancer Council). Meet at the wall below Bella Vista Restaurant. Being statisticians, they keep records of everyone's run times.

The 5km run on Sat. 1 May as part of the Canberra Road Running Festival is another great training opportunity - it's quite different running on your own to running with a large group of enthusiastic people!

Zumba Dance Fitness - Canberra Road Running Festival

Zumba Dance Fitness:  If you enjoy Latin music, like dancing and want to improve your cardio-vascular (aerobic) fitness then Zumba! is for you.

Salsabor run 10 week terms for $160 - That's 1 X 1 hour session a week for 10 weeks.
Next term - Starts: 26 April 2010; Finishes: 03 July 2010

They run classes all over Canberra throughout the week - CLICK HERE
I tried it out last Tuesday night - it was heaps of fun and a great moderate to high intensity workout - my average heart rate over the hour was 146bpm (which is 75% of my max. heart rate), I got my heart rate up to 163bpm (85% of my MHR) and I burned 534 calories!

Canberra Road Running Festival - 1st & 2nd of May 2010

Those of you training for the half marathon and marathon events, it's time to start tapering off. Remember that the 5km fun run on Saturday 1 May is free for you so use that as a pre-event warm up, run it relaxed and easy to prepare for Sunday:)

Upcoming events for April 2010

Hi everyone,

The Canberra Road Running Festival is coming up soon - 1-2 May.

The 5km fun run is on Saturday 1 May and the half marathon, marathon and ultra marathon are all on Sunday 2 May. There's also a 2km run for the under 10s on the Saturday.
I'll be going in the 5km run, cheering Coach Dave in at ultra marathon finish line (!) and helping out as a volunteer over the weekend - see you there!

(There's no Women's and Girls jogalong in May).

The Mothers' Day Classic 5km/10km walk/run is on the following weekend, Sunday 9 May - Website:
The Classic raises money for Breast Cancer research. I'm still interested in getting a 5km walk/run/walk-jog team together so let me know by this Friday 17 April if you'd like to be in a team - If we can get at least 10 people together we can get some t-shirts made up.

Pedal Power are running their Beginners II Bike Maintenance course this Sunday 18 April - I had so much fun at Beginners I I'm going again, this time I'm cycling there!

PP are also running a Come and Try Easy Ride from Lake Ginninderra on Sunday 18 April from 9am.
Yes, I was lazy and didn't end up going on the social ride yesterday (Saturday) - sorry Roz! But I did go for a very easy 20km ride around Lake BG today:)
On Saturday 17 April there's the 25km social ride from Acton Ferry Terminal.

Check out their events calendar (and links) for details: Website:

I'm going to check out Zumba! Fitness - that's the Latin style dance fitness group exercise. The programs are usually 10 weeks but they have a two week program starting this week - I'm trying for the Tuesday evening sessions at Civic:): Website:

The opportunities to be fit and active are everywhere!

In the beginning!

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